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  1. A Unique Facility Since 1932
  2. Camp Management: A not for profit facility and what the user fees cover.
  3. The Youth - and Benefits of Camp Endobanah
  4. The Camp - It's Great Facilities- Maintained by an All-Volunteer Team!
  5. Camp Endobanah - The Request - Why We Are Asking For Your Help... Funds required.
  6. Wakeup Call At Camp Endobanah!
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Notice to reader: Camp Endobanah is a not for profit camp supported by volunteers who in turn are directed by the Camp Endobanah board of trustee's as to any camp facilities or affairs.

The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) and the 1st Four Arrows Youth Group are simply hosting this web page about the camp as a community service, the aforementioned group(s) have no responsibility for, nor control the management of Camp Endobanah now or ever in the past.

Camp Endobanah is rented out only to not for profit youth groups, church groups or community service agencies. Questions should be directed to the Camp Endobanah Board of Trustee's and not any other party or agency.

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A Unique Facility Since 1932

For better than 50 years now Camp Endobanah has been providing FNE Explorers, Guides and other not-for-profit youth groups with the opportunity to experience the "outdoors" through all four seasons of the year.

Located in the Haliburton Highlands, less than a two hour drive from the Greater Toronto area, Camp Endobanah plays a key role in many all-volunteer youth group camping programs.

Situated on the north shore of Shadow Lake, just east of Norland Ontario, where the Gull River empties into the top end of Shadow Lake, this camp is ideal for young campers who are best suited to enjoy their camping experience from a fixed location.

Endobanah is a native-Canadian word that means "by the bend in the river" .

The central focus of its facilities is the large dining hall, first erected in the summer of 1942, complete with a fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen with all of the required support materials present.

Waterfront facilities include a beach, a multi-level dock, a diving board and a designated swimming area. A large boathouse houses two aluminum rowboats and a limited number of canoes.

The almost 10-acre property includes varied natural terrain that effectively supports nature walks, orientation programs and large-scale games. A large campfire site is enjoyed extensively for elaborate singsongs, plays, cookouts, mystery stories and more, by young campers.

Program activities, depending on the season, include swimming, canoeing, diving, skating, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, nature observation skill development, camp-out in tents, star gazing, and much much more!

The camp has six heated cabins that accommodate upwards of 65 people. Summer use only facilities increase these numbers to better than 100.

Use of the camp is extensive with campers on site every day of the summer, and all but 6 weekends throughout the year.

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Camp Management

The day to day management issues of Camp Endobanah is coordinated through a camp committee. Dedicated volunteers that come from volunteer youth organizations help with simple upgrades and cleanup under the direction of the Camp Endobanah Directors (Directors that are not members of the FNE Explors or the 1st Four Arrows Group).  This camp is a Not For Profit all volunteer based Facility

Camp Endobanah is made available to all volunteer organizations such as Explorer and Guide groups, Church youth groups and underprivileged children from the inner cities. We are a not-for-profit camp with an all-volunteer staff, with camp rental fees that are affordable by other all-volunteer not-for-profit youth organizations.

User Fees

User fees charged are just adequate to cover insurance, hydro, phone, propane, and general minor repairs to the facility as a whole. Any notable increase in user fees to cover capital upgrades or additions to the camp would result in the camp soon being affordable only to those organizations that run a "for profit" program. This in turn would, of course, defeat our goal in being able to help not-for-profit all-volunteer youth organizations to deliver their dynamic programs. For many campers, the Camp Endobanah experience is the only outdoor adventure they will experience.

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The Youth - and Benefits of Camp Endobanah

Many times throughout the summer, we still have baby boomers and pre-baby boomers drop by the camp to see what has changed "since they where a child at Camp Endobanah" a good number of years ago. Now, just as then, we know that our programs have a huge "positive" impact on our youth - our leaders of tomorrow.

In a single year better than 2,500 youth and their leaders pass through the gates of Camp Endobanah to experience the great outdoors in a safe and clean environment. Needless to say, this translates to many thousands of boys and girls from all walks of life that have had their life touched in a positive way while at Camp Endobanah.

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The Camp - It's Great Facilities- Maintained by an All-Volunteer Team!

Lodge: a fully winterized set up to meet the needs of our campers all year round has a useable floor space better than 1,000 square feet, complete with tables for eating (fast food restaurant style) and other tables (large picnic style tables) for crafts, games, and more. A wood stove provides extra heating to the propane heating system for the coldest days, to a large stone fireplace for use during the non-winter season.

Kitchen: large, complete with freezers, commercial fridge, now with running water year round, a 10 burner propane stove and a large commercial sized grill to meet the demands of even the largest groups. During the winter months a commercial dishwashing machine is available. The kitchen comes complete with all the required cooking utensils, pots and pans, and dishes for the campers.

Boat House: during the non-summer season is used to store the camp’s water front equipment; during the summer it is frequently used for crafts, a games room, and a place to hang out on those rainy days! A limited number of canoes and rowboats are available for use by the campers.

Cabins available year round:

Heated Cabins Occupants
Old Mans Home sleeps 10 in 3 rooms (4/ 4/ 2)
Wee-Jee-Ell sleeps 10 in 2 rooms (6/ 4)
Mit-A-Win sleeps 10 in 2 rooms (6/ 4)
Shadow A sleeps 14 in 2 rooms (10/ 4)
Shadow B sleeps 14 in 2 rooms (10/ 4)
Admin Cabin sleeps 4 adult leaders, and one on a pull out couch if required

Summer (non-heated) cabins: sleep 6 campers each, there are five of these units available.

Washroom facilities: Winter - currently 3 flush toilets are available. Summer - 10 flush toilets are available.

Showers - non-winter only: Tiger Showers can accommodate as many as 12 campers at a time. A sauna is also available.

Beach - Swimming Area: a gently sloping sand beach is available for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Qualified lifeguards must be present when swimmers are in the water. Lifejackets MUST be worn buy ALL campers when in canoes or boats without fail!

Sports Field: we have a baseball diamond and another large section of the field that can be used for a soccer game.

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Camp Endobanah - The Request - Why We Are Asking For Your Help...

Thanks to our own fund raising efforts over the years, and through donations from private individuals or corporations, we have been able to effectively support various capital projects at Endobanah in years past. Its safe to say that many youth have benefited from these efforts and will continue to benefit in years and camping seasons to come.

We have come to you, as an interested reader on the World Wide Web, as a former camper at Endobanah, as a caring private individual, or as a Corporation looking for a way to help our youth for many years to come, to seek your help! We are asking for your help to allow us to reshingle the camps main lodge along with two smaller buildings with metal clading while also looking for assistance to replace the 25 year old main fixed and floating dock with a new one that can be fully pulled out of the water during the winter season. We are seeking your assistance through either financial contribuations or through the donation of building materials.

Over the years we have carefully managed facility upgrades and enhancements. In order to keep up with the increased equipment wear and tear, along with the increased demand for the facilities by non-profit youth groups who are being squeezed out of other facilities they can no longer afford to rent, we have to act in fairly short order with your help!

Canoes that are based at Camp Endobanah for use by its campers are also rapidly approaching the point beyond economical repair - there are only so many times that one can "patch" a patch! Canoes play a key role in our water front program thus the urgency in replacing upwards of 6 canoesstarting this summer.

Funds Required

The cost of septic system upgrades will fall into the $68,000 range. The cost of new canoes at $1,200 each. Replacement roofing will require even more funds. To date we have been able to rise upwards of $16,000 through various fundraising projects such as bottle drives, a dinner dance, and flower sales. Can you help us make up the difference, can you help us support this all volunteer non profit camp?

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Wakeup Call At Camp Endobanah!

Here is an additional fundraising initiative currently underway for Camp Endobanah. The original pastel painting by renowned Canadian artist Dave Beckett has been reproduced to an image of 12" x 33", numbered and signed by the artist. (Please note that the words "Wake-up call" are only on this sample picture, not the print.)

Limited Edition Print Now Available!
(Only 167 Images Are Available In This Art Edition!)

An ideal gift, the print is now available for purchase, and will be sold by number. Order yours soon! By purchasing this print, you will be making a contribution to improve the camp for future generations of children. We know this image will stir up fond memories of the fun times you had at Camp Endobanah.

To place your order, call: 416-985-8661 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) or e-mail:

  • Unframed: $175.00 Canadian (taxes included)
  • Framed: $375.00 Canadian (3 frame and matte combinations available)

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For Additional Information

For any additional Camp Endobanah information such as potential camp bookings and/or related rental rate information (some camp dates are available during non-peak seasons, i.e. November, December and March) please send an e-mail to the attention of Matt Welland or call him at (416) 985-8661.

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