Making Your Patrol Corner at your meeting place Special

As a member of your Explorer Troop you are invited to join a Patrol where with your Patrol Chief and Assistant Patrol Chief you will work and play together as a team throughout your time as an FSE Explorer.

As a Patrol you have developed a Patrol name that well reflects the character and strength of its members. Now what can be done to share with your brother Explorers, your leaders and visitors to your meeting place who and what your patrol is all about you may ask?

Well to start off - let your ingenuity take hold... Share ideas amongst members of your patrol and then seek help from other resources either from within your Explorer Troop or from without. If you are determined... resourceful, wise in the use of your resources, and more you will be amazed as to what you can accomplish.

Do you have a photographer within your patrol who can take some pictures of your Patrol at its best as you swim, explore, camp, hike, and provide service to the community? As they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words! By simply putting the pictures in a photo book is OK, but why not make a special display panel for them? Can you use some of the images in your Patrol log book, or to decorate a backdrop with images and stories written about that activity by a fellow member of your Patrol!

What type of pennant or flag do you use to represent your patrol? Can you add colours to your patrol symbol, make it bigger, or even get a picture of the animal that your patrol is named after? How can you best display your pennant, can you make a special stand or rack to hold it in and to display it proudly when not in use? What is your Patrol Motto, for the Wolverine Patrol it is "Jesus Lives Through Us!"

Can you decorate your Patrol corner with some approved souvenirs of past Patrol or Troop outings? How about building an "award" board to post the many accomplishments of your patrol?

What about a backdrop that represents a favourite event or place? Are there any artists out there that can paint this scene that can be displayed on the back wall during meeting activities? Can you have more than one depending on the season?

How do you record the history of your patrol, can you carve something out of wood that can be displayed to reflect current and past members of your patrol? Can you carve out the symbol of your namesake or the actual name of your patrol to let others clearly know where you and the rest of your patrol hang out?

Why not design what you would ultimately like to see in your patrol corner, and then each week take a little time to develop what you want. Remember something that is special and worthwhile takes time and effort to develop.

As FNE Explorers - use your ingenuity - finish what you start - you will be glad that you did!