What it means to be an Explorer

by: James - Eagle Explorer

From what I can say, FNE Explorers is truly a magnificent group of youth and volunteers.

This benevolent association provides warmth and lessons on Catholic beliefs, combined with fun, and more fun. From what most of us will know, many teenagers do not like the sound of idea of taking a whole seminar of bible studies and I am among them. However, at Explorers, Catholicism and Fun is mélanged, bringing many people a dream that they can be very enthusiastic and learn about God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Although I have not been an Explorer very long, I can foresee the recreation that will be offered in being an Explorer. An example is when I went to Camp Endobanah, a campsite in Northern Ontario that offers the fellow boy to escape the urban lifestyles of a supercity and enjoy the tranquilness of nature. One can certainly enjoy oneself to the full extent with a clear and crisp lake right next to your cabin and with fresh food delivered right to your mouth.

There is no word to say it then, Marvellous.

One does not have to go far, at our weekly meetings, we also participate in fun activities and games, as well as learning to become a good person or man, on our planet. I must say candidly that every week, I have learned something new and that something new cannot be achieved outside of this Federation.

However, this is my opinion and my word, it is always the best idea to experience it first hand, so I strongly encourage to you to see what we do, and lastly, BE PREPARED !