Explorers - Are you prepared for the unexpected??

Baden-Powell would consistently tell stories of his adventures first as a boy, and later as an officer in the British army as to the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

Today's out standing Explorers and leaders are prepared to deal with the unexpected by keeping their wits about them (don't loose your cool, or panic), to be resourceful, while also being able to draw on the strengths of his brother Explorers in his patrol or Troop.

Hi, my name is Jim and I am the Patrol Chief of Bear Patrol. I would like to share an experience that we had last weekend at our first camp of the new season. Two weeks ago John K. joined our Troop. He was able to convince "Grey Wolf" our Explorer Troop leader, and even me - that he knew what to pack for the camp that we went on last weekend.

Boy that was a mistake. We had just arrived at our campsite and it started to rain. As we got into our rain gear to stay dry there stood John K. getting wet. John, get on your rain gear... he responded, "sorry, I forgot to pack my rain gear!" How to keep him dry we thought, I quickly got a hold of Jonathan my assistant Patrol Chief, we grabbed the tarp, quickly set it up and had John K. sit under it until the rain stopped.

We had no sooner finished getting our tents up when I announced that it was time to get started with dinner. Frank, who is 13 brought the food... John K who promised to bring the pot and pan set sheepishly announced, that he forgot the pots and pans for tonight's dinner in his Dads car... boy was I mad at myself for not checking with the Patrol's "Quarter Master" to be sure that we had all of our Patrol equipment before we left for camp. Lucky for us, we had lots of tin foil, we soon built a reflector oven to enjoy our meal to our heart's content.

Right after dinner, our Troop leader "Grey Wolf" announced that the first patrol that could catch a fish would earn a prize... but we did not have any fishing equipment! Fox patrol jumped into the water and tried to catch the fish, but that did not work! Hawk patrol tried to build a dam with rocks to trap fish upstream, but all they did was to get wet.

As we watched our brother Explorers splash about in the water, boy did they have lots of fun getting wet, and they didn't even catch anything!

Together we carefully carved out 3 wooden hooks with our knives, found some worms under some rocks as bait, and then used twine weighted with some smaller rocks secured to the twine in little plastic bags that we carried our matches in.

Within 30 minutes we caught not one, but three fish (even if they where not really big ones)! Needless to say we won the prize, ice cream for the patrol once we got back home!

Now I understand why Baden-Powell tells us, to be prepared for the unexpected!

Are you as a wise FNE Explorer prepared for the unexpected?