Explorers - The Best Way to Earn Your Promise Cross!

Earning your promise badge as an Explorer requires a lot of effort and time. Hi my name is Alex and I am the Patrol Chief for the Cougar Patrol.

Over the last years with help from the Patrol Chief Council our adult leaders have worked hard with our help to set up a real neat and fun way to earn your Promise cross. I read some where that the best way to learn is to have fun and make it all a game. I really like that idea, and so do the other boys in our Patrol. You know, like man - if it's like school - "Hi, I am the student and my leader is the teacher" - gee no thanks, I get enough of that during the day! I don't need to do more of the same as an FNE Explorer!

We would like to share with you some of the neat things we do to get our new Explorers ready to earn their Promise cross, you may wish to try some of these things in your own Explorer Troop!

When a new Explorer joins the Troop we agree amongst ourselves through the Court of Honour as to which Patrol the new boy will join. At his first meeting we will introduce him to the other members of the patrol while sharing stories about past camps, events, and who likes to do what. Within a few weeks we will have dinner together at one of the houses of our Explorers in our Patrol. We will then spend the evening together having fun, while helping the new Explorer figure out what his job will be in the Patrol!

Within each patrol we have developed our own booklet (in a hard cover book) of pictures and stories that help explain more about our movement, our Baussant flag (a picture of the flag flying at one of our camps, or a flag carried by one of our Explorers at a local Parade) and the history of our Troop. We also include a section about the history of our Cougar Patrol, we will then ask our newest patrol member to add in some of his own history! We will also tell lot's of stories about some of the fine times that we had in past camps or meetings.

Each member of our Patrol has written in their own prayer or reflection into our logbook when they first joined our Explorer Troop. We invite our newest member to read what is there, to write it out in rough first, and then if it's OK as to length and content, we ask our newest member to write his own words into our book. Every week we share one of the prayers or reflections written by one of our members of our patrol to help us remember our love and responsibilities towards God and his son Jesus.

Doing skits around a campfire is great fun, IF we are well prepared. To be well prepared, where have I heard that term before? Together we plan a skit and make sure that our newest Explorer has a major role to play in the skit. The last time we laughed so hard, we almost... well that's a story for another time!

Well that's all that I have to tell you for now, as my Explorer Troop leader wanted to keep it brief! Encourage your leaders, and all of your Explorers to "play the game" of life!